Can a life coach help with anxiety?

The answer depends a lot on your particular situation.

A lot of self-help programs that claim to eliminate anxiety may, in fact, make it worse. If you’re looking for a solution that’s based on what we know about anxiety, our free email course is a great starting point. The course focuses on what actually triggers anxious thoughts and emotions, and how to overcome them and feel better about them.

We’ve also put together a list of other anxiety-reducing and stress management software for your pleasure!

What are some tools you currently use to manage anxiety?

There’s no doubt that there are many different ways to manage anxiety, though not all will work for everyone. Some tools focus on preventing anxiety, while others focus on treating it.

The tools we recommend are:

Trouble Shooting

I do the best research and I go directly to the source. After talking to people who’ve had anxiety or depression for awhile I find out what makes them different. If someone is having major anxiety attacks or is a good example of a person who has always been comfortable with anxiety, I will know that that person can’t help it but to take care of it and have a healthy lifestyle. This is an important thing to note because some tools tend to prescribe medication for anxiety, which can cause complications as it increases your side effects and makes you worse.

If I have an anxiety attack or a panic attack, I will make myself calm down first.

Trouble Shooting: This is a software tool you have to install. Troubleshooting is done right in the software, allowing you to diagnose what the problem is before you have to ask someone to go figure out what to try.

For me, stress is a problem, but my anxiety disorder is caused by this stress. The anxiety and stress can’t always be controlled, but if you stop worrying about how you will react if you’re anxious, then you won’t ever have to worry about that, right?

For an example of the “best way to deal with my anxiety”, check out this post on my blog. In it, I share an anxiety-proof recipe for success when it comes to anxiety, along with tips on how to use AnxietyFixer to prevent it.

If I can’t stop worrying about an annoying thing, I will make myself calm down.

What is an approach to managing anxiety that you find helpful?

We know that anxiety disorders don’t