Can you make money life coaching?

S: I have never made money life coaching.

Q: Do people ask you to do business?

S: No.

Q: What’s been your favorite book, and why?

S: The best part of living a life is being able to discover and live in those that inspire you and bring you joy. I had a great friend and author when I was younger. I am so inspired by her teachings now that I am an adult and that is the reason for the books I write. I have a passion for life. It seems it is the thing that keeps me going.

Q: How often are you traveling?

S: I love to travel the world. I have a great relationship with people and enjoy meeting new people. The people in the travel communities really like people who are “open-minded and inquisitive”.

Q: How do you feel about the fact that your book The 7 Laws of Success has had over 30,000 copies sold?

S: It is very gratifying to know that there is enough interest and curiosity about my life to create a book. It has been amazing to be in the “blogosphere” for a book of the same kind. I have thought that every week. Every week, every week, every week. The best part is how it is affecting people who are reading it. It is something I believe is much more important than money or even success. It’s people that are truly satisfied with life and content. If you do not have a purpose, you can’t be truly happy with yourself and your life.

Q: What inspires you the most?

S: Most people are inspired to do something for their lives. What drives people the most is love and satisfaction for what they do. All you have to do is live in their hearts and it will inspire you to pursue happiness and happiness will follow you.

In the video above, you’ll hear a guest on Fox & Friends describe himself as “very excited about the future of the world,” and add, “I really enjoy having these conversations because I see a future that is brighter than anything that we are seeing right now.”

This past weekend, the host of Fox & Friends brought up a number of subjects that might be a bit of shock or a little bit of worry to some of us.

First he talked about this article in The New York Times, “How To Prevent A Global Warming Disaster,” by Christopher Hor