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You need an amazing amount of expertise. I am not like some coaches you can look up in Instagram. But you have to be an expert and they really do come at you from different angles. As a college football coach I need to spend a lot of time with a lot of different people trying to help them make changes in their lives. I think I am an excellent coach.

What’s your biggest concern going forward?

Everything, as far as my players, is on the line; how they perform, and how they respond to their mistakes. Every game our guys get tested, but I just think that when I have them play the way they’ll play on the field, the way I’ll coach them. I think they respond. They just respond to one or two things, we’ll find those things out in each game, and if we don’t we’ll start playing them hard the next week. I’m never satisfied, I’m never satisfied with what we’re doing, I’m never satisfied with a season. But the year’s going to be about me, it’s about what I’ve got to do next year to get my guys prepared and the team ready to compete. My biggest concern would be for them to come down and play with me, but I think that will be a question they ask us as coaches. My challenge for them is to play like they play and to let their play do the talking. I think that’s what they are doing. They’re not just saying I am doing good, I’m doing bad.

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The New York Times reported Wednesday that two of the four Russian women in question “have left the country. Their passports were confiscated in 2016 but were not used to enter the U.S.,” as required by law.

Both of these women are described by the Times as “close associates of the Trump family,” both of whom were in high places at the time of the election, and both of whom “were close friends of Mr. Trump’s then campaign manager.” So it certainly makes sense that the two most controversial figures in U.S. history would be friends and partners of the President. But while the Times’s article is about the Trump family, it’s not about Trump. Trump is not mentioned.


What does appear in the article, and, for that matter, in the Times’s newsroom, is that the FBI was investigating an alleged criminal conspiracy run by four Russian nationals: Igor S

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