Do celebrities have life coaches? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

Is there a celebrity guru like Oprah to help get those tips into your head?

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What are some tips on how to use the internet? Are there online resources?

Are there tips that are available in the press about a celebrity, celebrity news, celebrity gossip?

We know there are people who will read anything if they are good, we even know some journalists who will write things that are actually true but for lack of information I don’t think anyone could possibly have an idea who really is a celebrity. And even the ones who are really close to us will say we are probably wrong and won’t be trusted.

I think what we need is an online community where people can share their experiences, their fears and their hopes. Someone who we can trust can help us to get the information that we need to make good decisions. But to answer your question: it’s not that you should know everything. It’s about finding that right balance. So for example if you are a fan, you want the answers to certain questions. So when you are out shopping in a mall or you are at the cinema you want to know how much, where is this place, who is playing and who should they be buying from.

And in the same way you want to know who is doing some kind of publicity, or even who has had an accident or died. This is something that should be shared. Now if you go to a party at the end of the night it’s impossible for anyone to remember which celebrity actually did it or whether they are still alive or if they are just sitting waiting for an autograph now. It’s the same thing with online information: it’s a great thing; it doesn’t just help you but also others.

How do we decide which celebrity to talk about first, when there are tons of great ones out there, but who is the only one out of the four and only one without any social media presence whatsoever?

Now that there is a lot of information out there I guess we are all kind of guilty, even if we know it’s wrong. Everyone talks about something; everyone thinks they have had a good experience. But we always forget to think about the future. We don’t think about the future, we think about what has happened now, what has been told and written. And we have to think about what could happen tomorrow when we do something like that.

Have you read your own life stories? Any interesting observations about yourself?

I have not

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