Do celebrities have life coaches?

Yes, celebrity chefs spend their career making their guests’ meals “unlockable” or “covet-tastic,” and if they have not mastered the art of chef-driven celebrity meals, their “personal chef” is there to help with the rest.

Does celebrity chef always know best?

No, celebrity chefs can be pretty clueless, as a quick search of Yelp will show (for example) if Julia Child was the best at anything. The same is true of the chefs of The Apprentice.

Is celebrity chef required?

Not always, celebrity chef will often offer their services to other celebrities in exchange for free lunch or special treats, like a special meal at your own fancy dinner party. They are typically not required, however, so don’t rely so much upon them.

Where do people go to find celebrity chefs?

It varies by celebrity, but one of two things may have them on your doorstep. The other is a random celebrity’s chef (perhaps someone named “Mr. Cookbook” who is just good at cooking a certain way, or some other random celebrity chef from the future with a celebrity name who is not on the show).

If you can figure out who those celebrity chefs are by checking Yelp, they will likely be on the show to talk about their “secret ingredients” for the dinner. The other way is to find the celebrity chef on Twitter and they will likely be on this show to discuss their food and their favorite foods and ingredients.

Which celebrity chef will they be talking about?

Once you get the celebrity chef’s Instagram or Twitter username down, you can go to it and read what they are using to cook, whether they are cooking a celebrity meal or their own recipes, and how popular the celebrity they are cooking for is. They will also tell you, how many times each individual is asked to cook, what other celebrities they have worked with, and how famous they have become.

Where are all these celebrity chefs hiding out?

There may be multiple celebrity chefs hiding out in different areas. Some may be busy with their other celebrity chef jobs while others are working at home or are working in other restaurants. A celebrity chef will usually only go to different areas to work because they are busy working for other celebrities. Their favorite locations are where the celebrity is being celebrated, like at a gala. Once they have won the star or trophy so many times, they will move to a new area to use for