How do I become a certified ICF coach? – Coaching Business Plan

We have been involved in the ICF movement for more than 30 years through various training schools and programs in Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Utah, and California. The current curriculum incorporates a number of unique aspects to trainees at the advanced level including:

Culturally-based ICF programs

Culturally-focused training in yoga and meditation

Cognitive-behavioral conditioning

Aerobic training using low frequency cardio and cycling

Insight into and integration of traditional yoga and meditation practices

Cultural awareness (including a focus on the cultural dimensions of yoga practice)

The most recent model for the international training of certified ICF coaches was developed by International Chiropractic College in the U.S. and International Federation of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Europe. This curriculum includes an integrated mix of traditional asana (poses) with traditional techniques derived from a range of yoga styles, including hatha yoga, ayurvedic yoga and moksha yoga. The course also focuses on the integration of yoga and meditation and incorporates training materials that address cultural and/or religious differences.

Training programs for certified ICF coaches are highly dependent on one another. For example, a program for the ICF movement would include many of its elements but likely be developed through a combination of several other sources. It is crucial that you conduct research, explore many training programs and find one that feels comfortable for you and your trainee. If a program does not suit you, there are other options to choose from that will give you access to a more well-rounded learning experience. As we have said in the past, a great advantage of ICF training is the opportunity to help other people reach their goals. At the same time, it is extremely important that you select a program that is truly tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and experience level, including physical, spiritual and mental development. Our focus is on training and not certification, which means that your training program could be at odds with the curriculum developed for the ICF movement.

If you have any questions or require more help, get in touch with your CSA Program Coordinator, Beth Kostova.


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