How do I become an accountability coach? – Functional Life Coaching

If you’ve never been an accountability coach, you don’t know anything. I know and I want you to know how to become an accountability coach.

How do accountability coaches earn their income?

The accountability coach’s first income is his training fee. Most accountability coaches get their income training in the gym, in addition to the monthly stipend. However, you can also start with a full-time income with online coaching or onsite coaching.

How many accountability coaches are there?

At last count, almost 300 accountability coaches work in the U.K., and over 100,000 people visit the program a year. I count the number of accountability coaches who receive coaching from my coaching program, and they are almost all men and women in their 30s and 40s – from every background and walks of life that they have heard about accountability coaching.

Do accountability coaches make money from their coaching programs?

Some do! It depends on their income and the way that they choose to earn it. If someone is able to make $10-15 per hour from their accountability coaching, that’s an amazing financial opportunity. But to earn an income at that level, you have to have a big enough following to recruit people to your program for free, and you have to have a high level of engagement with your students, not just passively listening.

How do I find a accountability coach?

You can visit my accountability coaching page to find me. If you want a more comprehensive list of accountability coaches then you can check my resources for accountability coaches.
Nikki Nash | General Assembly

What are the most popular accountability programs?

I would say most people are interested in building a business with accountability training, and this may be because you see accountability and self-regulation as a core belief, rather than just training on an individual level. People want to believe that if they follow these basic practices, they can go back down the road they’ve been on, where they could be successful.

Where can I find accountability coaches in the U.K.?

Accountability and self-regulation training – most people who are working in the personal or business sectors are following these principles, so if you have a business that requires you to do something about the problem on your staff or you’re getting a new client, you’ll meet with these people. They can be highly influential, so you need to be aware of who you’re interacting with to be able to understand what they think, how they think and why they think

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