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As a career coach, your focus will be to get students to have an engaging experience and learn to be better problem solvers. As much as possible, you’ll offer advice along the way. When it’s time to go, you’ll take a break and ask students to follow along, and ask questions later.

A few pointers on working with your students.

You have a lot of control over what you tell them, in your office, or on campus. You might take a semester of seminars on a particular subject, where students get their course learning in a classroom. At other times, you set them up with tutors and other resources. But the most important thing is to follow through to help students succeed.

Don’t underestimate your students, and don’t underestimate the importance of mentorship.
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If they ask questions or need more clarification about something, give it. When there’s a problem to solve, ask if you can provide that. If that’s not an option, make it your business to get to know them.

You might want to go to the beginning so they have an opportunity to learn, and you can help them figure out how to do that.

What to do if they don’t want to work with you?

I’ll let you know if I hear of another situation like this.

You might decide that no, you can’t work with them – or you might get them to work with you, in their small classes. Then work with them.

It would be up to you, but I recommend you talk about your relationship. That way you can start trusting each other.

My experience with students has been so positive, that I’ve had students do whatever I ask them to do. One student I worked with in one of the classes at Georgia Tech, asked me to write on their exam that they could take as a present for their senior thesis. I made that student into a professor, giving them the course credit for that research. Another did an analysis with me. Another, I got through the test on time.

We’ve all had students that tell us how hard they worked to get through a specific task or problem that we worked through with them. But I encourage them to use their time with us that they wouldn’t do with someone else, and not get bogged down with stuff that isn’t directly relevant to their studies.

If they tell me about something interesting they noticed, or about how they think they

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