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It was a big day, the start of the “first week” of the summer of 1987. My friend Jack from my hometown of Buffalo had agreed to a date at a popular bar near the University of Michigan campus. I made it through the check-ins. Jack and I decided we would play a few rounds on one of the arcade games the bar allowed. We were supposed to play “Paddle Boats”. I had never played this game before in my life. Jack and I played paddle football on a giant board where we had to move and make cuts to keep the water and puddles at bay. We had two goalies with us. I would throw the ball down the back of the goalie’s legs so that he had to dive into the snow to make the save. Jack would either go over the top of his goalie’s legs or drop the ball and run out the back of his opponent. We threw the ball back and forth like this for quite some time. Jack was just as good as I was on the paddle-blades, but I still think he was a little off. Eventually, it was clear to him that as good as the others were he could do more on the ball. Jack wanted an expert athlete. He also agreed that we could play together for hours on end, even days. As I said in my blog “Jack is an avid fisherman and snowmobile rider and wanted to experience this amazing sport. “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a game that I had wanted to try in my life for at least 5 years. The game was so fun that I had to make sure we played at least a game or 10. This was my last year with my high school cheerleading squad, though the first week of our senior year they were back at St. John’s in Buffalo. I was already a fan of this “new” school and I knew there would be a lot of new and exciting things for “Jack” and me to explore. We were excited about getting to explore one of my favorite cities in the U.S. I wasn’t one of the most outgoing kids in high school, but my best friend and I decided to join two of our peers and join the football team of this very school. We had a great time. We had just returned from the first winter break of the school year. I was pretty proud to be part of something so big and important

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