How do life coaches make so much money? – Examples Of Life Coach Business Cards

According to their sites, they typically make $2-4 per hour working with a client on a variety of topics. This is a good deal, especially when you consider that an average coach could earn just as much working with a small group or two.

5. They’ll never tell you their secrets…

Not knowing what that is can be devastating. When you’re told nothing, you’re really stuck.
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As I mentioned earlier, the key to success is knowing how to handle stress. When you’re under pressure, your body reacts a lot differently than what you want it to do. It doesn’t have the same “fight or flight” response as you want it to. Therefore, you need to know how to release tension without actually pushing yourself.

You can learn more about tension release in my post How to Stop Stress and Get Motivated.

6. They have lots of experience and experience is money.

The most expensive thing in your house? It’s called your time. It’s not just some little thing you put here and there. In a way, it’s everything. If you have a wealth of experience, you’re able to use your time well, whereas anyone fresh out of college just starting out hasn’t had this ability. It’s like putting your money in the bank.

Another thing that I hate about life coaches is that they think they can take money from people. They can and do. The people who I’ve come in contact with in life coaching, I never saw people taking money. I’d say this is a common misconception. They’re not going to take money from you and give you a piece of paper saying “here’s $1000.” That’s a lie. These people can use their time and talents in great ways to help get your life back on track.

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