How do you become a certified life coach online? – Life Coaching Business Plan Examples

Before you can even start to think about becoming a certified life coach, you’ll need to complete some basic education and training.

First, if you’re doing your online courses, you need to make sure you’re prepared for college-level classes like education, health and fitness (a course like the one above will cost you a fee), business and entrepreneurship (a course just like the one above will cost $60 a pop), and career development.

These are just some courses that can help you prepare, but there are dozens more courses out there. Your best bet is to get a certification like CPMI or EMCIA, or to spend some time looking over certification options of your choice.

Another key is to make sure you’ve covered everything in the “why” section of your course. You should be able to talk about how you’ll develop better working relationships and how you’ll change your outlook on life.

Now that you’re educated, let’s move your goals forward and see how our career and goals will progress and change as we get certified.

How Can I Become a Certified Life Coach Online?

Before you continue, you’re going to need to sign up for a FREE trial account, which is available both on any platform, and by having an email address that has the word “life” in it.

Here’s how that works:

1. Download the Certify Life Online Course

Download the certificate from the bottom of our course homepage.

2. Download the Certify Complete Life Course, and then the certify course as you need it.

3. Complete both courses as you will need to complete some additional learning. (If your course is full, simply scroll down to the bottom of this article and find the “Get Started” button under the “Study section” column.)

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The certificate and course will start downloading when you finish the certifying portion of the course, and it will begin downloading from there.

You’ll want to keep your browser open while downloading. Once the certificate is downloading, you’ll be asked to verify your email address with the Certify website. Click “I confirm” and you’re done.

You’ll need to go through the rest of the process with a new email address, so do it now.

After the certificate is downloaded, you can complete the free trial to see if it will be right for you.

You won’t be charged any money for this

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