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To me, it’s a lifelong job!

I have been ordained as a minister of the Roman Catholic Church. I began that work, a laissez-faire work, in 1967, with the publication of The Spirit of God: A New Perspective on God’s Love for Man and Woman (Vincent Millett, 1981). Since then I have been a leading light in a field that is often described as “spiritual life,” the study of what it means to be holy and to live a spiritual life. To be a spiritual coach—a spiritual pastor, a spiritual trainer, a spiritual writer—is to be an expert in how to become a “spiritual life coach” from the “life” side.

At the heart of the study of how to become a spiritual life coach is the central question that I pose: “Whose life do you want to live? What kind of life can you have?” In the United States, the question often prompts “Is God the one guiding authority in your life?”

The most common responses to that question are “The Lord is my life” and “God is the one guiding authority.” But both of those answers leave out something important: God is also your life! God is the one who calls you to be who you are.
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I do a little bit of both, in my private study of how to become a spiritual life coach and, in later years, in my public teaching as a minister. My private study of how this might happen takes the shape of what is sometimes called “transcendentism.”

In my early days in private study, I made an effort to “think outside the Bible” and to avoid the common Protestant view of the Bible. The biblical view is a belief that the Scriptures should not be interpreted through the lens of Scripture. For these reasons I avoided that. Now I understand this view more deeply because I have spent the better part of a quarter-century as a pastor who has sought to be a spiritual teacher.

In my ministry, I emphasize what I call “the mystery of God’s grace in Christian life” as taught by St. Paul. I have emphasized this “transcendent truth” in the context of my teaching.

In a series of lectures I taught on transcendent theology with my teacher Paul Miller (the head of the International Spiritual Life Center in Minneapolis) and with several other leading religious authorities, my approach was very clearly outlined: “The Spirit of God is the one

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