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In the last article, one of the benefits I received from having a life coach was helping me to understand what I wasn’t getting out of that relationship. Let’s continue that example with an example of a relationship.

Here is an example from the article “Why I’ve been in an unhappy relationship for three years.”

The main person in the relationship made some decisions that they regretted. There was no “right” or “wrong” way to say it. He had no idea how to say no. They could have done it the easy way and kept going, but their marriage was so fragile that he didn’t know what happened if they parted. That’s why they never tried out the “good time” option (he had a night with them at a strip club and it ended badly and they made up) and instead of saying they were done or leaving, left immediately. They never discussed the reasons they couldn’t keep going.

If a life coach could help this couple, how do they do it? First, they look at how the relationship is going and whether they’re moving towards healing and moving onto what’s next. They check in with themselves, “What is the outcome of my current situation?” They listen to others’ experiences. They’re not passive observers, but take action to ensure they know what they’re doing well and they can apply it next time. Then they get a list of their needs, take action with each thing, and ask themselves, “What needs can I meet?”

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If I think, “I love this person,” what do I do? I’m sure at that point there’s something I didn’t want to hear so I stop talking and feel free to stop. I’m trying to take ownership of that person and decide whether what I think about them can be changed or I should have stopped thinking about them in the first place. But if they say to me, “You need to move on,” then I have to change my point of view (which was “I love this person.”) and do something about it. I’m not ignoring the problem. I’m working on fixing it. I have to do something about the things I don’t like in my relationship, I have to do something about the things I don’t like in my life, and I have to decide whether I’m going to take the next step because I’ve been taking that step for three years and they didn’t take the next step either. So if I can’t change my point of view about them or

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