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There is no exact rule to how long it takes to become a certified life coach, but here is an example of how it can take:

You do a personal training on a Monday, then come to work on a Wednesday, and you do it again on Thursday (or any Friday). By the end of the week you have gained the same amount of pounds as you had the first time you did it. So, you’re now an adult.

You start out on Saturday, you’ve gained 10 lbs. on Friday, and then the week goes on and you’ve gained another 10 lbs. The next day you’ve gained another 10 lbs. So your week is now 20 lbs.

Now here’s the kicker! You do two personal training sessions and then a business meeting on Sunday, so by the end of the week you’ve gained another 20 lbs.

Once you’ve gained 20 lbs. on Monday, then you are certified to teach personal training, or certified to teach you how to become a personal trainer. You would then say, “Oh, I had 20 lbs on Friday, and I’m certified to teach personal trainers, so now I can teach that same 20 lbs to other certified personal trainers on Monday and Tuesday.”

It was just a few moments ago that I described the latest political strategy in France. That strategy is to keep the country’s right-wing from winning any significant concessions even if the left and the center may make some concessions. This is a classic example of the strategy of divide the nation to keep the rich from rising up against the working class. The French have now been to the brink of a European currency and an economic depression, but even more importantly we must consider what a European currency means for the French people:

This is why the French must refuse to accept any further concessions, even if it means the end of their nation. France wants its borders completely sealed off from the rest of Europe, it wants its borders completely sealed off from their neighbors, and it wants to keep its borders completely sealed off from the world. These are the values of the European Union. It is the European Union that is the threat. France is a member of the EU, but they don’t want to be a member of Europe. They wish to be outside the European Union. And it is the European Union that is the key element to the French problem. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, French President Hollande declared that the problem here wasn’t terrorism; it was the “economic crisis.”

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