How many clients does a life coach have? – Coaching Waiver

It varies; usually they have at least one client per week. So, how do you determine exactly which one?

In my personal opinion, it’s best to keep the client count low to start. I don’t know why it is that some people feel the need to keep clients, but they need to keep clients. They just don’t know. This will be your guide to figuring out how many clients you have.

Step 1: Determine if you plan to start a client relationship at the beginning. If you were to approach a client, whether through regular contact or online, they’ll most likely be happy to help you with an activity that they’re already great at. They’ll say, “Of course! Can you teach me about my hobby/job/whatever?” This is what you’re looking for:

If you plan to approach this client, you’ll be working with them for at least two hours per week. You probably won’t be working with them all day long, but it’s possible that if you’re not training them and having them do something new for you, they could have some level of skill.

Step 2: Choose an activity and a time limit

What activities do you have in mind for this first client relationship? Some will ask you for recommendations. Others will have specific things they’re looking for. Some activities you might consider include: painting, painting videos, drawing, and doing a painting yourself. Others you might not. If you don’t have any specific hobbies or hobbies you might want to consider, like photography, the idea of painting or a hobby might be enough to tempt you. Keep it simple!

What are you saying? That you’ll paint while you coach my friend’s dog? I doubt you have any intention of actually doing it. That you’ll watch a painting video? Sure, if you like video, maybe you’ll like the idea of making a video using paintings. You can always watch this video on YouTube if you choose to.

When you get started looking at someone, you’ll probably want to know:

What time do they need to arrive? How will you give them directions? Do you plan on stopping at this or this park, here? Where are they going to stay? This can include asking friends for directions to get them to your park. Do you plan on having this person live on your property?

If you say a few of these things, you can determine a time limit that suits you:


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