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As the world heads to the polls this November, a number of debates have been taking place on the topic of surveillance and what, if any, privacy protections one might want when interacting with a company that collects massive amounts of information about how you shop and travel.

Some experts argue that the United States’ national security state should be granted “back door access” to electronic goods, meaning the government should be able to bypass encryption in order to get access to your purchase history or to track where you are at any given time, as demonstrated by the revelation that Verizon’s wireless service collects the details of where customers are at all times. (For security reasons, the number three is optional, but it can be handy.)

A number of other proposals to increase privacy are making the rounds as well. Some of them suggest allowing law enforcement agencies to access emails and phone calls and track locations in real time without your permission, even if that location has little to do with the criminal investigation. Others propose allowing for monitoring of online behavior and location if someone uses a computer remotely, or for tracking the actions of people who have already had their activities monitored. One even proposes offering access to a third party to perform certain tasks — whether to perform a background check on a potential employer, provide a driver’s license or access medical records.

And then there’s the proposal to give law enforcement the authority to use devices that can look into encrypted devices (called “zero keys”) if they discover that the device itself is unencrypted. There are also proposals to let companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple offer backdoors to the companies in question, essentially allowing a third party to bypass that encryption when it’s convenient. A number of critics have argued that if users are forced to choose one side of a debate the companies are clearly biased towards, then the companies themselves have a financial stake in opposing any such moves, so it’s worth considering whether the proposals will actually be successful.

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The issue seems to be getting a little more prominent thanks to Edward Snowden’s leaks about government surveillance in 2011, and the Snowden story was recently revisited by the New York Times in the lead-up to its report on government surveillance in the United States. However, as we noted before, the

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