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Do you need to take a class?

I think that’s a common question that’s out there. I like working with people. Even though I’m a coach, I like to work with people because that’s what brings their world experience to life. A lot of people don’t have that, and so they want to learn from the pros or someone like myself, and I think that’s great.

I have to say, I’ve never been a believer in taking classes. I like to work with people.

How much have you gotten paid lately?

I’d say since the beginning of last year and really this year’s been a struggle in terms of having money. I have been a coach for over a 10-year period. I’ve worked my way up through the coaching ranks and as far as the income is concerned, it’s something I’m happy with but I still feel like I’m living in a bubble, and I’ve tried and talked to some people that can help me make some plans around things like a summer job and that kind of thing but I think that we have so much more work to do here and we’re just not seeing the progress that I wanted to see or that my colleagues wanted me to see.

Where did you meet Paul?

Paul has just come over to me with his mother because she had been in the country for six months when she came, and Paul and his sister, Anna, she live across the street from me so she was here to let me know how Paul’s situation was going, so she is coming over tonight and I think she’s going to get into a little trouble but I think she’s going to do great. She’s just going to help me out.

A lot of coaches say they get people to change. Do you think it’s true or is it just a facade by these coaches to make money?

I don’t know that it’s a facade. I think some people are really good at it. I’ve gotten a lot of good people from other countries for the work that I’ve done. I mean, maybe I’m just a bit of an exception, in that I get a lot of good people, but I’ve worked my ass off.

Are you going to try to give more advice to players going into this Draft?

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I’ll try and give as much as I can to the players and then do my best to work with the organization and I think that’s what they should be doing

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