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In an average session, a life coach will set the hour and a half minimum for a session. He or she also pays the cost of the session. When you schedule a coaching session with a certified life coach, you’ll receive a 30-minute recording of his or her experience so you don’t have to worry about paying for it.

How is a licensed life coach different from a personal trainer?

Not only does a licensed life coach need to provide instruction on how to care for yourself with proper nutrition and exercise, they also need to be certified and have completed a rigorous education for life as well as health coaching. They can offer personalized coaching sessions, so everyone can be their own personal coach.

Are there age restrictions for the appointment?

For a personal trainer, there is no age limit. However, if you are over 60 years old and have a physical restriction, the licensed life coach may ask for your written agreement and signature to sign. In all life coaching appointments, you will need to bring proof of age.

Do you accept clients in my area?
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Life coaches are also licensed in most states, and they are typically happy to meet with you in your home town. They have some restrictions as to where they can work, though – they cannot work in schools or playgrounds, for instance – but the biggest one is that they are required to work only during the day.

Are there limitations to my scheduling?

No, life coaches are licensed on a county- or state-by-county basis, so if you live in one state or another, you can still find a life coach. Many live-in life coaches can also be booked at a local hotel or travel agency, as long as the fee is reasonable.

Are there any limitations to the practice?

Yes, there are sometimes restrictions for the practice such as when to teach and when to terminate an appointment. Some, but not all, licenses require your client to work out for two weeks after your session, too. Life coaches are usually available to talk to you at the beginning of the next session.

Are there any special fees for health coaching?

Not really. A licensed life coach can ask a fee for health coaching and the cost depends on a lot of factors, such as the time of the year and the activity. In fact, life coaches are usually happy to help out in the health of adults as much as they possibly can.

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