How much does a life coach session cost? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

We want our coaches to feel confident about telling athletes the truth about what’s really happening in their lives. Our program also provides the athletes the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their fullest potential and thrive in their sport.

How many different coaches do you have on your team? We offer an extensive range of coaches who are passionate about helping you achieve your highest level of performance and success as a gymnast.

Does our coach program involve any gymnastics specific skills? We use the basic gymnastics skills to teach athletes the skills that they will need when moving outside of the Gym. You can count on our coaching staff to get you into the best possible positions to start.

What is your coaching fee? The costs vary depending on your level of experience and ability. Please contact Bob from our team sales department for a price quote.

How good is the game? In this year’s Top 50 Ultimate Team Players we analyze the best players on all tiers of Ultimate teams.

You’ve all been asked about this, haven’t you?

In 2016, we polled the Ultimate community who in the world is the best Ultimate player, and the results are here (click here to view results from this survey). The results are impressive, including five players who are ranked in the Top 50:

Rank Player Team Name Wins Losses Player Rating (1-10) Rating (11-20) Team Name Wins Losses Player Rating (1-10) Rating (11-20) 1 Chris Hines Toreros Toreros Toreros Toreros Toreros Toreros 1.12 0.98 1.10 0.84 1.04 1.05 2.13 2.18 3.33 3.51 3.59 3.79 4.29 4.57 4.80 5.15 5.26 4 Adam Frisk Toreros Toreros Toreros Toreros Toreros 5.13 2.00 1.82 2.12 2.08 1.79 1.98 2.29 2.59 4.42 5.31 6.32 7.29 10.28 10.49 12.08 14.06 11.17 13.19 14.56 15.17 6 Ryan Barger Toreros D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D2 D2 D2 D2 10.22 4.02 3.14 3.30 3.23 3.17 2.17 2.50 4.00

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