Is a business coach worth it? – Life Coach Business Plan Example

No. A job coach? No. (There may be some people who claim those jobs are worth it.) You don’t want more money. You want to pay for quality. You should never need more money than necessary. It may be a necessary expense, but not if you pay for quality. (If you hire quality for your business, be careful what you ask for.) When you spend time and resources for something you don’t care about, you’re wasting them. You’re trying to build a dream. So spend it on quality. Make the hours worth it.

If you’re not satisfied with the work you’ve done, tell someone else so they can give you constructive feedback.

Don’t buy time. If you are an employee who works for a company and you just quit, let them know.

You don’t get to pick what you work on or where you work. You just work with the people you are hired to work with.

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So what do you get when you hire a high quality coach?

He or she is a person who puts his or her own unique and personal best efforts in. It’s a matter of making sure he or she gets the job done well.

And it might mean spending money on a high quality coach. But in the long run, you get more than that.

Hiring someone for a job doesn’t mean you’ll have to work with that person.

It means you will have his or her approval and encouragement and feedback after he or she has completed the job.

After you hire a person. You are paying for quality. So do your research.

When you hire a high quality coach…

You must make sure the coach has received a thorough review.

In order to have a good review, be sure the coach receives a thorough evaluation. It can mean a one hour discussion of your company.

Don’t expect a coach to do all of the work for you. It’s up to you. He or she should help the staff with the tasks they are assigned to.

It’s OK if you don’t see that every aspect of your work or process has been thoroughly reviewed. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t do everything you could to get the work done.

Your employee’s professional review will help you see if the job was as well done as you expected it to be.

You are not hiring someone to set you or any business up.


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