Is a life coach worth the money? – Best Life Coaching Business Names

You have to understand that if it’s a real coach, it’s not a life coach. A real life coach wants to help you, they’re not the one who tells you how to think, how to do anything. You need to figure out what you want out of the coaching. There’s a lot of people out there who are super smart but they’re not looking at the right things, so I’m just doing a job like I was trained to do.

What can you say to someone who tells you, “I’m going to train your butt off and push you to your max.” You just say to them, “You’re not going to get me off. I’m going to make you come from the front and from the back, and I’m going to help you develop your confidence.” That’s what you say to yourself on a daily basis when you’re not on the road. I mean, you have to be honest. I don’t come to coaching with some sort of agenda to get you to do exactly what I want or to get you to be comfortable with your body or any of that. It’s a way of helping people, and it’s a way of learning how things work in a system.

Do you have a coach at home?

I do, but I’m a very private person. I try not to talk about it because I’m the head coach of the national team and the team in my home country is the number one place you’ll find me.

If you do get in trouble, will you have an attorney or will you be just a public figure?

I’m not just going to put on a suit and tie and come out and be a figurehead. I just want to be someone like Bill Belichick does, and I think that Bill Belichick was the first coach who didn’t have many players on his team and it was just him and his staff. It doesn’t work that way for a coach unless you’ve been in that kind of situation where you know that you don’t like doing what you’re doing when it’s not working and it’s not getting results. So you really got to think about it. But if my life didn’t lead me to this kind of thing then I wouldn’t be doing it. I’ll be able to say, “OK, I’ll go do other things,” but the best thing for me to do is be a full-time coach. It’s just more fulfilling for me to be around others.

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