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I think it depends on the type of coach and how it’s done and the coaching style. If you’re just running your own little hobby, or doing coaching in your free time, I’d say no. But I think if you decide to get into this, if you’re interested in doing this, and you’re looking into starting a company, then it depends on how much you’re comfortable with spending money.

How long would a course like this take?

This course takes about two and a half hours, and we don’t teach programming. I’d say this takes about four months for a person to complete the first part. And by the time you do the second part, you’d have maybe one course you’d be done with. But by the time you’re done with the second part, maybe you’re going to have a pretty good sense of how this works and how it works.

How much will the course cost?

For me it starts at about $400, and that’s about three courses. Then I think about how many hours will you use it and then figure out how much it’s going to run for. So it’s a two-and-a-half hours course, but it can get much longer, depending on how many courses I put together.

How would you recommend someone who is interested in starting a business to look at learning this?

Well, first of all, start with the business school and get some experience doing that. For me it started with business school, so I did the Business Administration course. I took that, and I started a couple of things, but not many. I thought that was enough and now that I’ve put some classes together, I’m thinking about doing more, like marketing courses.

You had said that after you finish the course you’d be able to start making money and you have started with marketing. What’s your business?

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It’s sort of a real estate business. I like to build it up and make it bigger and better. My goal is to get it up to be a real estate firm. We just had our first offer in an auction a few months ago. In two or three months if things work out, we have an offer for the first place sale and one for the second place sale. We’re a little bit ahead of the curve in that way. So if things are going well, and if we’re doing a good job at building the business, hopefully the first place sale will be

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