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We’re all familiar with the “hype train” in the entertainment industry, the one that will pick up on newsworthy information to push a narrative. When it comes to self-improvement, self-help, and the search for happiness and fulfillment, there seems to be such a demand for people to learn how to become better at what they do every day that the research doesn’t really provide a compelling argument for any of it.

In other words, the self-improvement field and academia is the most self-fulfilling prophecy the world has ever known. In the most recent research, we showed the impact of the self-help market’s marketing to be greater than any other single factor with measurable impact on happiness.

What is it that we teach, how can researchers measure it, and how do we use it to help us? You can’t teach a dog to be a better dog. But when you teach a person to be a better individual who is able to change the course of their life, you’re teaching them that they can change the course of the rest of their lives and the lives of those they care about. And when that happens, it is an unstoppable force that will continue to propel us forward, despite the obstacles and obstacles inherent in being a successful individual.
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When it comes to the potential of research like this to change my life and the lives of people I care for, I’m not about to stand on the sidelines. Instead, I’m ready to join the research in order to provide it to you — and I’m ready to take it into my own hands in order to share my findings. I want people to discover their own innate intelligence in their own lives and be able to take action to become more of something bigger in the world. I’m not interested in finding “effective” techniques to be able to find happiness, I’m interested in creating them and I want you to take back this gift of humanity as a gift you’re giving yourself.

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