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The reality is almost all of us get the occasional call, or a visit, or an email about wanting a specific kind of support.

Most of it is in the form of something small: a couple of minutes at the start or end of an exercise session, a little speech or advice to break through the boredom, an instruction to think about something more productive. For most people, though, those words are a big disappointment. They come in the form of a lengthy phone call or visit, or a series of emails saying that they’re looking for more, but without any specifics about what they need, or what they hope to accomplish.

The answer, according to psychologist, author and speaker Tony Fratto, is to take a little risk and create something, or the next thing, that you know you can get in the next 5 or 10 minutes, something that you can use to create a tangible change. What he calls a “demand” is one sentence with a few details. For example:

Do you think it’s important to exercise regularly and not just once a week? If so, why?

Is it more important to exercise regularly and more than once a week?

Do you want to be more physically active? If so, what should the first step be?

Do exercises make a difference for your health?

Do you have specific recommendations for yourself, and what can you do to make them stick?

The most important task for any support group is to find someone willing to share these specific kinds of questions with you, because you never really know what kind of impact any one thing will have. And as Fratto says, “You never know, you might change your mind, but you have to be willing to go back if you don’t.”

“As an artist, what you want is clarity.” says Fratto. “And not just that clarity but the freedom to know what you want in a very concrete way.”

Fatto has recently published a book called What If? Life-Changing Ideas for Creators with a focus on the most important questions people have for creative thinkers and creative people in general. If you can’t see your life changing because you’re always reading articles about it on the internet, you might want to get yourself a copy.

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