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In many ways, it is as difficult as training you for racing.

Your mind must change or else your racing will cease.

Before a race, you must develop the mental attitude that the race is the most important thing that will ever happen to you. Then you must be prepared to deal with all the difficulties that may arise in a race. If you can deal with problems, good. But if not, you should never think any race is over until you have completed both the first and the final.

I do not think you should try to control the emotional responses of other racers that may be experienced as ‘out of character’ or ‘too good to be true’; you have much more important thoughts. Your job is to help them to feel better about themselves, to get them to experience better races.

The more you can do that the better.

As I said before, there are certain emotions in a rider that do not belong in a racing career; however, you must keep your emotions in check. The emotions can be controlled to a reasonable extent and to help you race. However, emotions can cause you to make decisions that are wrong.

You must be mentally healthy and physically good. That is your job. You must be mentally intelligent and physically fit. Your racing will be influenced, as was mine; and that is no bad thing.

How can one become a professional competitive rider from the youth level?

To become a competitive rider at the amateur level or at the junior level, you must learn from a very early age how to ride and to race; you must learn the basic techniques. Some people have trouble with that. They are not prepared for that experience. But it should not take more than 5-6 years of training, if you can learn it at all.

The first thing you should do is study all the books dealing with racing. The most valuable stuff is in the books written by the people that have raced in the sport. You must read all the books. They give a lot of the information required to become a competitive rider.

I have used a copy of this book called ‘What the Races Say About Us’ [p.17] (by Mr. Humble and Mr. Kuntz) as a reference book. After you have read the book, see if you can make up your own mind whether you should go for it or not. If you have enough experience racing, you can make a decision.

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