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I’ve been working for a few years on the next generation of my favorite strategy game, Xonotic. At GDC recently I sat down with the entire team to talk about what we’ve been working on. You can read the whole GDC conversation here, but here are a few highlights.

1. How big is this?

There are currently no plans to move our team or staff. While it’s been fun working together we are still going to focus on Xonotic. It’s been a great journey to work on and we hope you guys enjoy playing it.

2. What are a lot of the benefits of this new direction?

There are a bunch of unique challenges we encountered in the past few years that caused us to spend an insane amount of time on the new game. But, one of the most important challenges is how to make a game that is as enjoyable as the original version.

The most obvious benefit is this: the game is shorter. We spent a good chunk of time on that. We had to make the game as addictive as possible without making it too easy. So, in addition to making the difficulty more realistic, we improved its complexity a lot. I’m talking about the game’s system design, the game’s tutorial, the way you can take control of the enemies, the way you do things inside the rooms, you name it! We spent a bunch of time refining how each mechanic worked. We used all these great opportunities to get the game into a more enjoyable shape.

The other big advantage is that we have made a lot of quality changes to the game that we think is great. One that caught our eye is where the player can actually play with friends. We added a lot of AI companions to the game, a system that we think is quite addicting.

Finally, and this one is very easy to miss but we are also making changes based on player

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