What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Life Coach Business Plan Sample

Life coaches take care of their clients by providing guidance on how to live a healthy life. According to our research, about 75 percent of the world’s workforce is considered “professional coaches”.

The highest paid career option we found for a life coach was business consultant. According to our research, those with a bachelor’s degree or higher typically earn between $75,000 and $125,000.

What is an “A+ life coach”?

An “A+ life coach” is defined in the U.S. as one who has a Bachelor’s degree and has more than seven years experience working in healthcare or health care management.

The life coaches we surveyed have a good understanding of business topics. They also are interested in social responsibility.

How do life coaches get paid?

Those involved with a business consulting practice receive less money than those involved with “A+ life coaches”, but many also enjoy being a part of a team.

There are many different ways to earn a salary in the health profession.

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A few ways to earn your life coaching salary:


Life coaches might earn money in several ways depending on their particular location. Some health care jobs have a “salary commission” option.

A salary commission is a payment made to a health coach for doing work or giving advice. It’s usually in the form of a cash deposit or cashier’s check.

Health consulting firms get commission in the amount of about 80 percent of their client’s monthly income.

Most consultants earn more by working cooperatively on a team.

Health care management

There is a salary commission paid to health consultants for their services in an office.

There is usually a “salary and incentive” program for health professionals with health practices or clinics.

A salary commission can range in the range of 20 to 50 percent of the client’s annual income, depending on what the client requests.

“A+ life coaches” work in more traditional offices.


Professional health coaches typically earn some more money by working with clients, or as part of a business partnership with another professional.

The more money you earn, the more you’re compensated.

For instance, consider a health coach who hires other health coaches for a business venture. He or she also has the right to hire someone to look after his or her company’s client’s children. The more money the coach makes,

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