What happens in a life coaching session? – Coach Waiver Form

What’s the point, really, when they get coaching from their mother? It’s a joke. They didn’t earn it. They’re not going to know anything about the subject. They’re not going to understand why they should pay attention. At least I don’t, because it’s been done to me; my mind was opened as far as spirituality and spirituality-related stuff goes. The whole time, I’m in the training room. I’ve got a towel on my back and I’m stretching. Some coaches get up and make a little noise. I don’t talk a darn thing to them. I keep talking to myself. I’m sitting there, listening to a CD player. I’m listening to some music. I don’t hear the guy at the top of the monitor, but I know he’s working on it. I know I’ve got a problem. I feel like I’m on steroids. I don’t care. I’m going to do it.

Who’s the coach?

It’s me. He’s the coach. He’s the best coach. It’s the closest thing I can think of. What do you do when you’ve got a problem? Your mind goes to the most obvious thing. If you’re doing your job—as long as you’re doing your job right—you need to have some confidence that maybe you’re not thinking right. The brain is going to do it, even if you think you’re not thinking it right.

So you’re trying to get an idea of what the purpose of your life is, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and how you can change yourself. That’s what’s the secret. No one ever talked to me about this. If the people who run the seminar did it, people would tell them the same thing. Everyone would say it, “What do they do? You want to know why you do what you do? Ask them!”

People think you’re talking like a person who’s not being coached, who’s talking because he doesn’t have a good reason to keep talking. My first reaction to that was, “Yeah, but is it not true?” People are so afraid of talking about what they’re doing that they’d rather not think about it, if it means that they can’t make themselves sound smart. But as an alternative to that, the answer is, “No, it’s a lot easier if you just do the job right.” You’ve got to be smart before you’ll be

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