What is a life coaching business? – Create A Life Coaching Business Plan

A life coaching business is a business that provides coaching services with a broad goal as it seeks to give people more self esteem, career development and self healing. One can see this in the products they offer on their website.

In the early days, there was less research available on the subject and there needed to be a very dedicated and knowledgeable life coach to offer what was available. The majority of the products out there were just products for those who knew someone who was having problems. In this world, there is a need for professional help on self esteem, self management, career development and healing.

What type of companies were looking for a certified life coach?

In the early days, it was very common for a life coach to offer a full-time job. This created a situation for these people to turn into money makers, which has turned it into the most common type of coaching business.

Today, it is common for some of the clients of a life coach to turn into a business, although some have turned into entrepreneurs.

Do you find it tough being an independent business owner?

It’s very difficult working in the independent business sector because there are not many rules in the system that say you have to be involved in the business in one way or another. These rules are the ones that help the owner to thrive as the owner of these businesses.

How would you say your brand is defined and how would you define yourself?

My brand is the people and communities that are inspired by me and who seek my help through my website and social media platforms. Whether they find success with their life or not I do not care. The fact that they found my help helps all of life.

You had a big impact on the fitness and body positive genre. How is doing fitness in Hollywood affected by your role?

It’s a great thing to see the way people relate to fitness. This is a lifestyle that is changing so you will find a lot of people using it to enhance their life.

For us it’s about the community and promoting the things we believe in through sharing videos.

A lot of the industry’s are taking a different approach and working in a more collaborative way. Many of the people who are working in this industry do not view themselves as celebrities at all. They do not use them to sell themselves and they don’t use them to be self indulgent. They want people to be encouraged to find success in themselves and get inspired.

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