What is a life coaching business? – Life Coaching Business Online

Life coaching is helping people make better choices, take better care of their bodies and improve their health. It’s about creating a safe and healthy environment where we can give our clients the ability to take the lead, to make better decisions and reach healthier goals.

Is it a business?

We aren’t a business in any way, shape or form. We teach healthy, personal relationships and encourage participants to become better people in order to make better life decisions, including taking greater risks, improving overall health and life quality etc. Our programs come at no expense to the students and if someone needs advice and guidance, we’re always there.

Can people take money for training?

Absolutely. You can get a Certificate of Certification for your own program in our business school or buy one off our site. If you’re interested in pursuing a business degree within our school, we offer a variety of degrees including online, blended and even full tuition.

How many people are enrolled?

It’s hard to say what our class size is based on the students who come in through the site. We have been able to enroll around 8 people at most. We do ask for an application on a first come first served basis.

What’s the length of time for a certification?

The length of time depends on your goals and background. To get Certified In Personal Health, you’ll need at least 100 hours of online personal development, including online learning (which typically takes about 6 months from start to finish after you complete the requirements) and also need a personal trainer in order to demonstrate competency.

How do I go about getting certified?

Go to our Certification page (below) and choose “Certificate in Personal Health”. You’ll need to complete an application, be interviewed twice by a personal trainer and take an oral test within 2 weeks of signing up. You’ll be provided a free certificate with that.

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