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The most popular choice for life coaches is the International Life Coach Certified Certification™, which has produced nearly 1,000,000 clients since it became a recognized credential in 1995.

The International Life Coach Certification Program offers life coaches, coaches and coaches-in-training the ability to achieve their certifications in a short amount of time by completing a comprehensive program in 5 years that helps to develop a life coach skillset that will enable them to become effective and successful life coaches within the first 5 years of their certification.

Is it better to be an international coach of a fitness trainer?

For a qualified professional, this can be a difficult choice to make.

You have to look at the long-term picture and determine whether your future is more important to you in the fitness or life coach field and, if so, whether that professional will be an “international” coach or if it will be a “local” coach. For example, if your future is more important as a fitness trainer than that of a lifestyle coach, then I would strongly recommend choosing a local career choice.

I realize that the choice of a career choice can be quite emotional. My hope is that this post will answer any of your questions and help you to answer them properly. But first, let’s begin…

Does the International Life Coach Certification™ offer me the ability to obtain a Master’s degree in life coach certification as well as a Doctorate degree?

Yes. We offer the International Master of Life Coach Certification™, which offers the same pathway to certification as the International Master of Life Coach (MBLC™) Professional Certificate of Certification in health care.

The Master in Life Coach Certification™ is the highest level of certification that an individual can attain in an accredited professional program in life coaching. The goal of the Master of Life Coach Certification™ is to equip individuals with the skills to become knowledgeable, confident and effective life coaches. The Master of Life Coach certification program allows individuals to train with a certified life coach in the preparation for a comprehensive professional certification.

The Master in Life Coach certification exam is administered by the US Department of Education to qualified individuals who have successfully completed a curriculum designed to prepare them for a comprehensive and effective comprehensive health-care program. The exam comprises an assessment of competencies that would ordinarily be assumed when becoming or having previously achieved a Master in Life Coach certification.

The Master in Life Coach can be obtained at any time. As long as you meet the other requirements, you are

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