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You want to find the answer to the question that’s on your mind, and that is, is there an online certification program that meets the current and future demand for life coaches? This page is an independent review with resources from the industry and outside to help you find the right program for your personal goals.

A lot of the programs are similar, with different names and certification levels, or a few new names, and not always well supported in their product. This page provides a list of certified, and available, programs in the life coaching field.

This page is for informational purposes only. If you have questions or need any assistance regarding any aspect of the certification process, please email us so we can make sure we can serve you.

What is the best certifications?

The only way to find the best certifications in life coaching is to go the extra mile and do your homework before choosing a certification. That said, there are a number of certifications that can be good choices. Check the links under the main menu to see the options on your list.

Are there any certifications that I should avoid?

Yes – there are things that should not be part of an online certification program in the field of life coaching. Some of these things are listed below.

Self-Development / Self-Care – There are certifications that can be good, but not for the reasons you think they mean. If you’re considering having one, you should focus on those that are more specific to the job in life coaching before you start diving into what you should avoid.

Personal Development – The purpose of a certification in the life coaching field can be fulfilled only with the support and guidance of an experienced mentor. If you are going to be working with a coach for long periods of time, it means that mentor should come in. That means they should meet you at your work/home and guide you and support you as a coach.

Leadership / Leadership Certification – A leadership certification can give you the skills you need to get ahead in your job/career. If a certification is relevant to your career, it’s a good idea to pursue one. But if you are working for a mentor that has no training on leadership, make sure you have some sort of mentoring plan in place and find out whether that’s important to you (and, if yes, what is that).

Professional Development / Professional Development / Development – A business or career development certification can help you get

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