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The first lesson I taught everyone was to think like a man. It’s so easy. You just need to get off your butt, and stop worrying about what other people think. That’s it. A woman will always take it in such a different way. If she says she has to stop because everyone is so crazy, she’ll end up in an institution. Because she’s a lady, people won’t leave a man alone for long in life.

What could change the world?

It’s so easy to make an excuse. I’d say it would be something, maybe a cure for cancer. There’s so much hope, so much possibility, I’d be all for it if it were ever made! It’s so easy to take for granted, I’m all for the things that change our world.

Which other popular podcasts do you recommend?

I always make sure to listen to people I respect because people’s stories and their philosophies never end. You need to start your journey from a point of humility, and never give up. So many things have come true for me, but the most important lesson I always take from my experiences is to never give up. The most important thing is to never forget what it was like to be someone else. Don’t forget what it felt like to have dreams you never quite got there.

What makes your show special?

If people listen to my show or read my book, it doesn’t matter what you are. Anyone who has an identity problem can feel this pressure to conform to the mold. The most important part of my story is that I learned myself. I learned to live with myself, rather than try to fit in. That’s the greatest lesson of all; the only true lesson of all. There may not be an answer to your question, but that doesn’t matter. The only true question is, what would you do?

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