What problems do life coaches solve? – How To Start A Coaching Business From Scratch

In a word – good ones. They solve problems that otherwise would keep you awake at night and maybe even break your heart. Their solutions may seem simple on the surface but they are highly effective and have a dramatic and positive impact on the people around you, especially the ones who are most vulnerable in our current climate. The best life coaches are empathetic enough to understand and be open to the realities of who you are and what you need to do to get to the very top.” (from http://thenextrecession.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1668; viewed 9 September 2007): …What life coaches solve is something that is almost impossible to quantify. They are able to understand what other people need and what they themselves need, and then they are able to offer a solution to the problem, no matter how small, on a scale that reaches the soul. Many people are happy with their lives after receiving a life coach. It is hard for people to look at themselves and see flaws in their behavior, but the life coach convinces you that you are in great shape. They may be helpful, but in my work as a life coach, I see people who have been in therapy forever. They are not “trying hard enough” to cope with their personal issues. They have been told over and over that what is needed is a better balance between work and home, more time for recreation, a different relationship to God, etc. The life coach tells them: “It is OK because you know it’s not like this before; you just have to take a breath and find a way to get on with it again.” If the person isn’t going to take the life coach’s advice, they will not be ready to live their life. … …When a life coach is willing to listen to an individual and provide guidance and help to get off the path that they have chosen, they are likely to see that the person is in a better place to begin to recover from his or her problems than they thought. To those who aren’t sure what to do about their personal issues, the life coach offers up a book and is hopeful that it will give the person an answer. To those who have a lot of anger on their mind, the life coach offers a book and is hopeful that it will give them a path out of the anger. To those who have lost their loved ones and are living under a great deal of stress and insecurity, the life coach’s book can be

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