What qualifies a life coach? – Life Coach Business Name Examples

If it meets the following criteria, does it have to be a qualified businessperson, preferably a Certified Life Coach?

It should meet all the requirements below for professional status:

It should offer onsite therapy, personal coaching, and education in all aspects of life management

It must offer education on the nature of positive and negative emotions, self-management strategies, and interpersonal skills

It should be able to provide you with information and training that includes:

Practical life management principles

Emotional intelligence training, specifically on the development and use of positive, negative, and self-esteem

How much will I pay?

According to your income, the typical course of professional training includes:

1-2 hours of onsite coaching (on a personal or phone basis)

1-2 hours of on-site coaching on a professional level

2-4 hours on-site coaching on a personal or phone basis

4 hours on-site coaching on a professional level

10 hours (2 hours of on-site coaching per week and 2-4 hours on-site practice) on a personal or phone basis

This cost should range from $150-$400 for a 4-hour course (depending on income).

It is recommended that you get a full-body assessment, and you should sign a contract with your teacher.

Do you have to work in a healthcare setting?

No. It is an independent business, like a school or a residential center, with all the resources and expertise of a hospital. It is not necessary that you do any work for the life coach.

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