What questions does a life coach ask? – Functional Life Coaching

This article can help you to ask yourself some questions before you start the life coaching process. These questions are good to ask as a means of determining the type of life coaching approach that the person or person’s friend (or even your friend) will most benefit from.

Questions of this kind include:

What type of life coaching do the coach want?

What will the life coaching benefit be?

What is the coach’s ultimate goal in doing this life coaching?

What happens during the life coaching process?

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As you ask these questions, remember these three main principles:

The person will be asked what the best thing to do is to have a greater understanding of some topic. The person will be asked what they think the best thing to do is, not what the best thing to do is. The person will be asked what the best thing to do when a situation that’s bothering them (at home, for example) actually occurs will be, not something they’d do. The person will be asked what will the most benefit them in this life coaching process.

For example: What does a life coach want when they are asked how to help a child with depression? What is the best thing to do for a depressed child? Is it better to talk to a physician or therapist? What will the best thing to do in doing this life coaching process is?

How often do you do life coaching? Do you work with a regular client? What is your process?

This will help you to determine how often you need to do life coaching.

To give yourself the best chance of becoming a good coach:

Think about what is most important to the person. What are their needs? What problems are they dealing with? What are the best ways to help? Ask yourself for whom is this life coaching a good fit?

For example: How can I help a client with depression who is in trouble financially? Is there something that could be done about it? If so, is it something that is already being done or could the client be helped to do it themselves? What is best to do in this situation that could give these clients a little extra joy?

Are you ready to start your life coaching process?

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