What should I ask a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Model

What sort of questions should you ask a life coach? I think it’s important for you to have clear priorities when you ask a life coach what to do. Have a clear idea about what type of coaching is most beneficial for you. It’s good to have an open mind, and do all research on one of your first contacts. It’s also helpful to write it down for yourself so you can see what sort of questions you have for them, and how you might address them.

Also note the difference between an assistant, personal coach, and coach. While assistant coaches are usually more like a salesperson, personal coaches are more like a mentor. When I talk to someone on a personal level, I’m more like a salesperson than a personal coach. The difference is I’ll spend time with them, help them do a task, and give them feedback. The assistant will mostly just talk. Personal coaches, however, are a bit more like a mentor, and will usually help you through a problem in their day-to-day life.

How much time do I get per hour? What do I get paid?

Once you get hired as a life coach, you’re a client, and they get paid per hour. You’ll get paid according to the type of work you do. A life coach should make about 25-40 hours per week. You’ll get paid 10% of that number per hour. If you can put in 30 hours per week, that means you’ll earn, on average, $600 per hour ($500 per hour if you’re a newbie). Don’t be surprised if there are times you’re getting to spend even more time with people than they’ll be getting to spend with you.

How much time do I get per week?

Your average week is usually between 15-30 hours.

How long must I work with a person each day?

The average time for a session that lasts 50-120 minutes is 3 hours.

When do I need to stop working with a person?
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You need to take a break when you start getting to know a person in your life. Don’t go out to eat the week you’ve hired a coach because they’ll make you overeat at dinner. You can’t force yourself to take a break. The best strategy is to just focus on getting things done and not having someone else focus on you. It’s not really about time, it’s about making people feel safe. As long

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