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Most lifters (and coaches), have some level of coaching and can help the lifter get better at a certain sport or lift.

To understand how coaches help lifters, we have to look at how coaches help athletes. Athletes have a wide range of skillsets that they need in order to be successful in competition. For example, a tennis player who is good at putting his body in the right position, as well as knowing when to hit a volley in tournament tennis, all require a lot of coaching in order to get good.

As coaches, we have to understand that sports involve a lot more than just the skill you’re working on. We must also understand what kind of skills (if any) would benefit certain sports, and what are the best ways to improve or develop those skills.

Some specific characteristics that you might think are related to working in a sport that includes the work of coaches include:

A well-rounded skill set

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A good understanding of both physical/mental skills

A good understanding of teamwork and being an effective leader

Many lifters have a very small skillset, that they can improve when working with a coach. Many lifters will not know what to do when they work with coaches. They will learn something in a relatively short time, but will not really know how to use that knowledge effectively. The more a lifter is involved with coaching, the more they’ll be able to use their knowledge and use it in an effective way in their sport.

A good coach has to be very aware of how the sport you work is different from the other sports out there. If you are working in a strength lifting or powerlifting sport, you might be used to lifting and working out the same way your favorite athlete does. With a new sport, it might be different and you might not be used to working out in a different way. How a coach reacts to those differences when the sport is new is crucial.

Other examples of life coaches that are great lifters in the sport they are working in include:

Strength and conditioning coaches — we spend a lot of time figuring out how the lifter will actually pull a weight, and making sure the lifter is doing what we want them to by adjusting their form in a certain way. This is especially important when you’re talking about people who are not strong or who have not worked that hard to get strong, but whose ability to pull heavy weights is actually pretty good.

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