Who are the best life coaches? – How To Start A Coaching Program

In his most recent guide, Tom Hanks, who plays Tom Hanks, tells us what life coaches do to become what they have. Read more ›

This Is What A Life Coach Looks Like

It’s funny how life coaches get noticed. Whether they’re at a wedding or a golf tournament, a birthday party or a wedding, they’re there just to help you do something that could happen to you. Life coaches are there for you when you’re feeling depressed, when you just want to chill out. They’re there for you when you’re feeling stressed out, when you’re trying to make it happen at work or school or just when you need a break.

The key is finding a coach you can be confident you will trust. In recent years, coaches of all ages have risen to great acclaim. So I have compiled a list of the life coach’s who are inspiring people around the world. (Note that the following may include those who are no longer coaching.)

1 | Dr. John Kosten, New York City–based therapist

2 | Nancy Kosten, Seattle–based teacher

3 | Tom Hanks, star of “The Bridges Atoll” and “Back To The Future” and “Up In The Air” and “The Good Wife,” “Star Trek” and “The Office,” “Gran Torino,” “Chicago Hope,” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and author of “How to Change Your Life” [a book that has helped thousands, including more than 2,000 of its own staff members]

4 | Jeff Greenbaum, Boston–based counselor

5 | Robert Kaufman, Boston–based actor and producer

6 | Michael LaCour, Chicago–based author

7 | Paul Komesaroff, Washington–based author and professor of psychology at the U of N

8 | Michael Gebbia, Hollywood, Calif.–based author, producer and director

9 | Jim Messina, New York–based producer and director

10 | Michael Kimmel, New York–based author and founder of the website http://www.TheKimmelShow.com

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