Who is Oprah’s life coach? – How To Set Up A Life Coaching Business

Her life coach, Mary Frances Smith, an entrepreneur, has her own private coaching business who works with celebrities. You also have to know about her website, The Personal Coach Coach, where you find out what her coaching services are. From there, you can go to www.howoprah.com for more information about how to get in touch with her life coach, she’s not busy at all and will be speaking to your audience in the near future.

What else do you love about Oprah?

Her warmth. It does not get any better or worse than her, even to someone who hates women and wants nothing more than to turn down the soap operas and cook-on-demand shows on Netflix in order to avoid her presence. She is truly warm and caring and makes you feel like you are a “real” person in her presence, she has so much of a charisma when she talks to you or you talk to her.

What is one thing you learned about Oprah?

Well, Oprah is a good woman. A genuine good woman. She is honest and true and a wonderful example for young women everywhere. She is the true model of integrity and integrity itself is priceless. There is hardly anyone like her anywhere.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

She is an extremely smart woman. She is as knowledgeable as she is beautiful. She has an endless wealth of knowledge. She does not think that her thoughts are a big deal. She does not look down on you for things of little consequence, she does not do that – she wants you to learn things and be grateful.

What is one thing your parents always taught you about women?

I can sum it up in one word – respect. You must honor women. Respect them for what they give you all day long. Respect their choices and respect their choices of what they are doing on a day to day basis. Respect them at all times and never disrespect them. Respect for their intelligence, their passion, their hard work. It is only a part of respect. But it is a very crucial part of respect. It is my belief that one great man can make a woman great. It is not possible for this to happen all of the time.

Is she likeable?

Yes. Absolutely. A lot of people have made up a lot of false stereotypes about her. I can think of no other television personality who would give you the level of respect this woman does. She has

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