Who is Oprah’s life coach? – The Truth About Life Coaching

Oprah Winfrey is a life coach. Her books, DVDs and training tapes provide guidance and guidance on managing life. She is also known for her life philosophy and “I Want To Live Forever”.

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Who is Oprah’s favorite musician?

She’s a big fan of Taylor Swift and the Chainsmokers.

What is her favorite film?

Her favorite movie is “Finding Neverland” and she can’t stand any other movie.

What is her favorite actor to watch on TV?

She loves the likes of Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey and Johnny Depp.

Which celebrities should she avoid in bed?

She has a few favorites: Amy Adams, Robert De Niro, Tom Brady, George Clooney, and Jennifer Beals.

Which people in TV or movies is she an expert on?

She has a passion for acting, sports, business, and fashion. She is also an expert in helping women who struggle to get through their first sex partner.

How would you respond to the statement that I’m a bad person for having an affair?

Oprah wouldn’t say that out loud. In fact, she would say I’m an amazing person for finding love! She says, “We are the most loving species of animals,” and that she loves being a celebrity and being able to help others in their time of distress.

Who is Oprah’s favorite animal to help others?

She would have to say a cat. The best thing any animal could do would be to just be there for its owner.

Do you remember anything about your family growing up?

That was when we had to clean up after each other. It was our way of saying goodbye.

Who was your favorite person to play with when you were little?

My favorite person to play with? My Grandma. She was always so bubbly and energetic and when she would play with me she always had some awesome skills on her. I never had a real “talent” as kids. I could only really get by with my work ethic, hard work and having my mother make sure I was getting everything I needed and I had some excellent teachers as my mentors. My mom was my teacher all the way through, and as such she had a big role in shaping my life, and helped me mature into the person I am today. She is the greatest, and she is my example.

What is your favorite

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