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There is a lot of conflicting opinions out there about who exactly is the best life coach, but when I was in the Navy, it was something that was part of my everyday routine. My wife and I shared a common experience of my Navy career as I was tasked with coaching a younger man. He had struggled with substance abuse, and it was at that time that I became aware of the need for some support in his life.

He was so depressed that he was throwing himself on the floor in front of the bathroom and drinking out of a toilet. While he was out of control from what he was doing, he was struggling with a lot of other issues. I sat down with him and told him, “You’ve got to put your life together.” We tried to talk through the issue, and it took about an hour to get it all back together, which was not ideal.

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I have spent about two decades coaching people in this space, and I don’t believe in just giving them a book if the person is struggling and just gives an affirmation, but rather a set of actions to follow through.

It was then that I decided I needed to step up my game. I needed to use my background in psychology and my experience in the Navy to take that person on a path that would give him a place he could go without being thrown back into the darkness again. He would be supported, and he would get the work he needed to get himself into a better, less destructive state of mind.

Now, I’m fortunate to be able to share my experiences with people with the use of a platform that brings a level of information to a world otherwise unable to access it. I want to focus on creating the experience that can help someone who is in need of support.

I hope you find the information in this book more valuable than simply a book of affirmations, so I want to encourage you to take a look at it right away. It’s not quite easy, but I’ll make it look pretty easy if you put in the work to make it look that way.

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