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Who is the highest paid NBA coach in the league? I got my hands on the salary information for the top 50 coaches in the league for the 2016-17 season. I will be updating these rankings as season progresses using data from Basketball Reference’s database. For those interested in an estimate of each coach’s salary use these figures from Sam Amick of USA Today for the top 100.

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Your vote: Mark Jackson (New Jersey Nets)

We’ve seen some great new shows on Netflix (particularly in the “other” section), but when it comes to series on Netflix, we want to find a show that makes us want to turn to the show to get more information and the show to get us excited to go back.

For me, The Man in the High Castle looks to be that show, and if you don’t love this show, you don’t need to watch the movie. The Man in the High Castle gives us a great look at the Cold War era where the U.S. is at peace, but the U.S. will not rest until all of Asia is occupied by the U.S. and the Soviets. The show is a fun story without being “heavy,” and makes use of “spacetime” (that is, time after the action from the movie) and “reality” to create an incredible, fun, and tense thriller. Here are 10 reasons why you need to watch The Man in the High Castle on Netflix.

The show takes place on the Cold War and the Cold War has affected everyone in Asia and the world. No country or person can stay in peace and continue to get on the right side.

No one has won the Cold War and every country fights war in order to keep the peace.

We see why the Soviets are obsessed with keeping China from achieving their goal of taking down the Statue of Liberty.

We are shown how the U.S. has the ability to dominate the world by having the ability to wage war.

The show is one of the best series of its year. I have seen it in high definition, and it’s simply mind blowing.

The man in the high castle is one of the most fascinating characters in modern history as he is an American born citizen

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