Why is life coaching so expensive? – Coaching Waiver

One of the most important ways to learn more about yourself is to find out how much money you spend on your life coaching. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when figuring out the cost, but two of the things you need to look at include:

Do you have a long time commitment to your services? If you’re hiring someone for 5-12 months, do you expect that person to stay on board, or do you expect that person to jump ship?

Do you have flexibility in time? Are you able to adjust the sessions and the duration of sessions to fit your schedule?

Are you able to find someone knowledgeable about your lifestyle, and can they put you on a course that will provide you with the information needed to make some real progress in the areas and goals you want to accomplish?

I’ve made the process very easy on myself. I’ve learned everything that I could about myself over the years through life coaching seminars and workshops with personal coaches. However, these are a two-dimensional view of the world; what happens on one level can influence your entire life on another. The reality of the world is much more complex than that. By knowing just a bit more about yourself, you can begin to understand your life in a more efficient and productive manner.

In terms of my own lifestyle, I’m now working with a friend, who recently launched an app called Life Coach. This app is designed to keep you informed and in control of your life. You have immediate feedback on your progress and your progress is based on several factors including where you are, what your goals are, and the level of detail you want to provide. You can have up to 500 daily goals. This is great for those who want to set goals and make a positive change on one level before moving on to the next. You can also have very granular, detailed goals like eating your vegetables, taking 30 steps a day, walking a mile a day, etc. When you do this, you’ll feel the difference in your life very clearly. As another example, if you need to make a goal, you can do the following:

Include in your goals the things I just mentioned.

Keep track of daily milestones and results.
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Record the details of your progress on the app (such as where you are, how you’re feeling, etc).

If you don’t want your life to be monitored so closely, include time for self-reflection whenever you can

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