Why is life coaching so expensive? – Life And Business Coach Salary

This is the basic question everyone asks about coaching—but not everyone is sure how much it costs. When you’re asked the figure, you have some idea of whether you can afford it—but you don’t know whether the value of the services you get from your coach will be worth it for you. We created a spreadsheet in which, from $20 to $400, you can estimate the per-hour cost of coaching a single client.

This isn’t a complete list of coaching services—we hope to update this list as we get more details for different services. We are just compiling the list of typical services, so if you see a service that’s more expensive here, we’d love to hear it. This helps to give you the confidence to know that your coach’s services are worth the price you pay.

Why Would I Want to Do This?

In general, it might seem like most coaches aren’t good at coaching clients. Not true. If you ask most new coaches what it takes to become a good coach, one of the most common responses they give is “a lot of hard work and practice.” There are many reasons coaches would say that—and they’re not always right: It’s worth remembering, for instance, that we all need to do some practice to become good teachers, and that many times it takes hard practice to make a change.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that a college or university isn’t exactly going to pay for your coaching services. This goes for anything: for school, for work, for hobbies. Most people don’t want to put in the time it’ll require to become one of America’s top teachers—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to become a better teacher.

The challenge is to be both enthusiastic and realistic when asking people to put in the work. A few people might enjoy coaching, and some might not. To know whether a coaching company has the value you expect, you have to know whether and how long it’ll take. For most people, that’s less than a year—and this may be longer depending on how much and how deeply you’ll spend in your coaching, as well as whether you’re willing to pay for additional service.

If You’re Serious About Going To Work, You Can’t Wait

Most businesses take an average of seven to ten years to realize their full value from their investments. And in the same way that many companies won’t invest their money for five years, most people can’t wait

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