Will health insurance pay for a life coach? – Best Life Coaching Business Names

And who decides?

The answer is pretty straight forward. Health insurance and medical insurance companies will pay for a good friend of anyone. But you, the person, in your position, must pay the costs of a life coach.

Health insurance payouts for your life coach include medical costs, rehabilitation costs, funeral costs, life insurance premiums and the death benefit. Depending on the state it can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. A life coach will not pay for your funeral, although funeral costs can go up tremendously depending on the state. There are a number of other expenses that must be paid.

So your health insurance and medical insurance company might be able to cover a life coach. But you might not be able to afford it by itself.

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This may be something you’re looking to improve your life coach finances.
What is Life Coaching? - A Daring Adventure

When you’re deciding to hire a life coach, you need to be very aware of your budget. It makes sense from a financial, mental health and overall wellness perspective. Here are my tips for choosing a life coach:

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