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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A new “Lamborghini Huracan” has been unveiled for the 2018 Formula E season

The season of Formula E is just getting started in China but the car manufacturers aren’t letting the competition’s glamorous lifestyle get in the way of the next big step up for them- the electric vehicle.

The two electric supercars are already the fastest from their respective manufacturers – Ferrari and the Lamborghini – and are now heading into the most exotic and powerful class ever in motorsport. Here’s what’s on offer this year.

Ferrari will be making history with a new entry aimed at making up for the team’s departure from Formula One, by being the first Formula E race winner.

And while it’s being driven by Formula One favourite Stefano Domenicali, the car is based on the Ferrari LaFerrari race car, one of the most capable endurance racers in history.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption An electric version of the LaFerrari is also being developed for the race

A prototype of that car has already been launched in a controlled environment, and will be put through its paces during a race weekend in Beijing.

There are three manufacturers involved in Formula E – BMW, Audi and Daimler.

The manufacturers will share the car over the race, with McLaren making a test entry and then being handed the official race licence to use it. It will then be up to the drivers to race it – though one thing is for sure: they can’t just hop on in and drive.

This year’s cars are a little less exotic than the Ferrari and Lamborghini prototypes on show in Beijing. But they are powered by the same electric motor and produce the same 0-62mph time as the competitors.

Both cars are powered by a six-cylinder turbocharged inline-four engine (although McLaren may run one more to aid performance during the races).

In a first move to open up the racing field, Mercedes-Benz has put a second manufacturer into what has traditionally been the “mid-engined” racing class.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The first Formula E test session at the Red Bull Ring was dominated by Audi

Formula E has been running a race each year since its debut at the start of this year. But this weekend’s practice session at a Red Bull Ring track took place under cloudy conditions, with a temperature hovering between 21 and