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The question is a tricky one, particularly in the case of a prepaid phone. Unlike a credit card, a prepaid phone cannot be recharged after its first five billing cycles. This can put a serious drain on the prepaid phone’s bank account; the cardholder will need to pay to recover the lost balance, which can be an immense hassle for even the most discerning shopper.

The best solution to this problem is to purchase the phones outright, and to keep the prepaid card and its funds separate. Then the bank will need to provide a receipt and cash balance proof.

In other cases where the prepaid card is the sole form of payment, the bank may want to provide that information to the customer. There’s no problem if your bank gives you a $25 statement credit for this activity—they will also reimburse you the $25 if you do this.

However, consider that in many cases it’s illegal to charge or use a prepaid telephone—for example, in Canada, charging fees for use of a prepaid phone that doesn’t have an international number—so keep this in mind if you have a prepaid card and a credit card.

Note : if a customer is unable to make payments through a debit card or direct deposit, this can put him at risk of identity theft where a false statement is made on his statement. While there’s no particular limit on how long this may take, the longer this can take, the more likely a fraudster will think twice about using the cardholder’s credit card.

HTC has put in place a new policy which forbids developers from modifying the camera app at any point, including when the camera is on. HTC has recently removed some of the older Camera Roll pictures from Google Photos, which they claimed were no longer used by any of their users, but we believe that is not true, and it would also mean that HTC would have to modify any software on it which allowed it to change the camera. We want to know if HTC was correct when it had to take the camera roll down for use in its apps, and can confirm it’s gone in favor of Google Photos. As always, we hope HTC can find a better solution for this problem for the future.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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