Can Christians levitate? – Magic Tricks Book For Kids 6-8

It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that all of the biblical instances of people levitating are figurative expressions of the fact of their levitating. The biblical evidence does not suggest that a person could easily levitate without assistance. However, it does suggest that if a person was successful in levitating, it may well have been a very small group of people (such as the apostles) who successfully levitated on a much bigger scale. Thus God’s people do not appear to have been capable of carrying all of the weight.

Jesus said that he would “lead the people up” (Matt. 28:19). He was saying they could follow him in doing it if they joined him. But the people were being asked to lift up their hands and then to follow God “in lifting up their hands to heaven” (Matt. 29:10). The first thing they would have to do was lift up their own hands and then to follow God into Heaven. This was not an impossibility. In the days of Herod, there were many believers who were not able to do this, either because of age or other impediments. But Jesus could not have led the people up (see Matt. 29:12). Jesus told them not to have any “glory in their eyes, or glory in their own eyes; because they have rejected mine only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father” (Matt. 24:15). They needed to understand that the Son of God had come because of their rejection (Matt. 24:14).

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