Can you bend spoons with your mind? – Easy Magic Tricks Done At Home


This is your brain at work!

It works at something we thought we knew: spoons.

Yes, it is. Think about that!

We’re already learning spoons in school now, right?

Yeah. We can even bend them with our minds in the library or at the grocery store.

We think, and bend spoons, and use them, with a full awareness of their properties.

But we can also take that knowledge to our natural abilities — like spoons.


Take time to imagine bending a spoon, and imagining doing other things with it.

Now imagine bending that same spoon on a table.

And then imagine bending the spoon on a coffee table.

And imagine bending the spoon on the top of that coffee table, to make a cup of coffee, and then put that cup of coffee in your cup of coffee.

Now, imagine that your favorite mug of hot beverage, is now at the bottom of your cup of coffee. That mug of hot beverages is now at the bottom of your coffee cup.

Do you feel like that cup of coffee needs a bit more, like a second chance to soak down? Or like you’d like to add some sweetener to your cup of coffee — to make it a little more flavorful?

How about putting your favorite cup of coffee in your mouth?
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Or maybe you’d like to add a few little sprinkles of something to it?

To the cup of coffee, you’re just pouring out an entire glass of the wonderful beverage you’re enjoying.

Is your mind about to ask you how you want to add some sugar to your coffee?

No? Okay…

Are you just pouring the coffee out, just for now?

Maybe you’d like to put a little honey in your coffee, so it’s a little sweeter?

Or maybe you’d like to add some vanilla… to make it extra special?

But perhaps you’d like to put a dab of melted caramel, or some whipped cream into your cup? A hint of chocolate?

The possibilities are endless.

And then imagine, then, you’re making your way through a grocery store, and you see something interesting: a big, brown, brown glass jar with a label — a label that says “CHOCOLATE PIE.”

And, to

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